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शिकायत पंजीकरण


Online Register Complaint Against Registered Veterinary Practitiner(RVP) for Professional

1. Complaint Number:
2. Name of Complainant:
3. Father’s Name
4. E-mail ID of Complainant:
5. Mobile Number Of Complainant:
6. Full Correspondance Address:
7. Palease Attach a copy of identification of complainant(Aadhar Card/Pan Card/Voter ID or Any other id Issue by State or Central Goverment) =
8. Name of RVP Along with particulars of RVP(s) against whom complaint is logged:
A.Name of RVP:
B.State Veterinary Registration No:
C.Name of State Veterinary Council:
D.Residential Address:
E.Clinic/Dispensary/Hospital address:
F.TelePhone/Mobile No:
9. Place of MisConduct:
10. Nature of Complaint/Allegation as per Regulations:(professional misconducts, misuse of titles and falsely claimming to be registered Veterinary practioners, etc)
11. Describe the misconduct in brief(Maximum 250 words):
12. Whether complaint is related with Large Animals' or small animals'/wild animals:
13. Age of Animal at the time of treatment:

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